Since time immemorial, humans have exchanged goods and services. Over time, the criteria for creating value have evolved. Initially, value was defined by the quantity of goods exchanged, then by their quality. Then, during the industrial revolution, value was associated with the cost of production. Finally, in the mid-20th century, value was determined by the quality of service provided.

Today, we have entered a new era, the era of experience. In this era, value is defined by the quality of the experience lived by the consumer. This experience can be physical, digital, or both. Digital technology has played a major role in the emergence of this new era. Indeed, digital technology allows for the creation of more immersive and personalized experiences. It also allows for the collection of data on consumers, which improves the experience offered. Digital experience can thus be seen as a set of technologies.

Digital experience is a powerful lever for creating value for businesses. Indeed, it allows for the consolidation and enrichment of the physical experience, and for the creation of more personalized and engaging experiences.

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The digital experience is a new business model that integrates multiple aspects to create a consistent and engaging experience for customers. Based on our experience and work with our clients, we have identified two levers that would allow companies to maximize benefits.


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